Fear Remixes out now!

After delivering a firing Monkeytown debut with her single “Fade”, Catnapp is already signing another killer EP: Thanks to a couple of helpful hands, who took the time to remix her haunting single.

“What I love the most about having my tracks remixed, is getting the chance to hear my work re-arranged from another artist’s perspective. Thrilled to have M.E.S.H., Peder Mannerfelt and umru work on these ones.”

Peder Mannerfeldt and M.E.S.H took on the challenge to give their personal touch to “Fade”. Whilst M.E.S.H. arranged the track with some groovy breakbeat vibes and smooth synthlines, Peder Mannerfeldt takes it on a ride back the 90’s with driving kick drums and pure and trancy rave elements! umru chose to go full power on “YPMH”, speeding up Catnapp’s energetic bass vibes, making it impossible to keep still! A must dance EP!

Listen to the Remixes here – or – if you haven’t heard the original tracks, you might want to head here.