Extend your sonic Horizon III Modeselektor Sample Pack

Although Gernot admits to sometimes protecting his precious sounds “like Gollum protecting the ring”, Modeselektor have decided to share some of them with you in the form of the “Extended Sounds” Ableton samplepack, available now. The result is a collection that boasts a fair share of “classics” but also a lot of weird and wonky hardware.

Some highlights include Szary’s very personal (and fragile) 909, the samples of which he plans to bring on tour so he can use its beloved sonic signature anywhere in the world, as well as the Roland TR 66 (an organ accompaniment drum arrangers from 1973) and “Vermona”, the only drum machine ever built in the GDR. Of course there are loads more drums, synths, FX racks and even a whole kit made of noises from a day in the life of Szary.

Everything was recorded with a lot of fine analog recording gear and enhanced by the magic hands of Felix Zoepf, Monkeytown’s very own sound engineer. Together they created a kind of “meta music” rounding up a whole (extended) era of Modeselektor.

If you want to dive even deeper into Modeselektor’s studio wonderland, follow the live stream and Q&A they gave over on YouTube together with Playful Mag, here.