Dark Sky will return with a second album!

“Othona” out on April 7th!

Just exclusively announced by Resident Advisor:

Dark Sky are back on Monkeytown Records with a new album, Othona.

Out in April, it’s the second full-length to come from the London duo, AKA Matt Benyayer and Thomas Edwards, following their 2014 debut LP Imagin. Othona sees the pair incorporating “contemporary techno, classic electronica and their roots in British bass music,” with a hands-on, hardware-heavy approach, drawing on their experience playing live. The photos and field recordings, captured at “isolated structures within different landscapes,” were key elements of inspiration, in particular those from their visits to Bradwell-On-Sea, a small village in Essex and the site of an ancient (and now mostly eroded) Roman fort called Othona.

Listen to a track from their upcoming single “Kilter / Acacia” on RA!