Catnapp x Electronic Beats: “If you are able to make people feel something it’s fine”

Six months after the release of TRUST, an album in which Catnapp opened up about the more personal themes of her life, the Argentinian artist gradually opens a window into her world with this interview, in which she is followed by the Electronic Beats camera around her Berlin flat, between studio and a wardrobe full of her hand-made & customized clothing.

Personal diary, the perspective of the young Amparo facing today’s Catnapp, the importance of letting herself go with music, lyrics, sampling, Lady Gaga’s advice not to be taken literally, her on-stage personality versus everyday life, looking back at her work, her fashion collaborations… All of these topics are tackled in this One To Watch episode where the Berlin-based artist’s words sometimes sound like tender artistic pointers to young musicians by someone who, album after album, acquires more experience.

“I think if someone is able to do a really, really great thing out of something that already existed then it’s totally fine. I mean if you are able to make people feel something it’s fine. Of course it’s a bit disappointing if you thought this was new and they came up with this melody, but I think it’s ok. I think it’s very valuable nowadays to come up with a new melody that’s great, but I wouldn’t say that it’s bad to reuse older stuff.“.

Watch now.

See Catnapp live in South America:
Córdoba 20.11
➠ Buenos Aires 25.11
➠ Bogota 03.12

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