Catnapp Releases 2nd Album “TRUST”

That new album you’ve been dying to hear just dropped, but there’s no time to sit back, relax and give it a proper listen. You’ve got way too much shit to do, so you load the tracks up on your phone, head out of the house, pop on your headphones and hit the streets. The sidewalk is crowded, and so is the train, but you keep moving. The music sounds great, and you’ve got it bumping, but every time you get into a groove, real life interrupts the party. Someone calls you. It starts raining. A friend texts you, and you reply with a voice message. Random noises from the outside world incessantly crash and bang. It’s maddening, but you’re going to hear this album, no matter what.

This is the story of TRUST. The latest album from Catnapp, it’s both a testament to resilience and a refusal to succumb to the darkness that’s loomed over us all during the past two years. Casting despair aside, the Berlin-based Argentinian was determined to make something bright, energetic and uplifting, and nothing was going to stop her from rallying people to the dancefloor.

TRUST is Catnapps 2nd album on Monkeytown and it defiantly smashes through genre boundaries, hoovering up high-octane bits of hip-hop, R&B, rave and even nu- metal along the way. Catnapp combines both brash rhymes as she is singing dreamy ballads or unleashing a primal scream, and on TRUST, all of those things (and more) frequently happen within the confines of a single song.

The album is available as a Clear Vinyl & CD HERE