Catnapp in the pages of KEYI Magazine

In the April issue of KEYI MagazineCatnapp aka Ampi Battaglia spoke at length with Grzegorz Bacinski, the co-founder of KEYI Studio, giving surprising insights into her evolution as a producer.

The interview opens with a flashback to Shenzhen in 2019, when Battaglia was on a mini-tour of China (Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shanghai), and a question about what has changed in her music and in her life since – somewhat unsurprisingly, given the turbulent events of the last four years, quite a lot.

Catnapp touches on a whole host of themes such as her mental health and over-productivity at the beginning of her career, the COVID period and its inherent artistic outlets close to catharsis, a few words on the contribution of Modeselektor to her music, an answer on the meaning of life with a cute analogy on flies and the behind-the-scenes of her collab with her little brother, wilo, present on her latest album TRUST. She elaborates in the interview: “We had recorded a cover version of “see you again” from Tyler the Creator before that, but nothing that got released until br34th3. I’m hoping there’s more where that came from. He’s a super-talented musician. And so young too… only 22 and completely self-taught. Very proud sister.

Listen to Br34th3 (feat. wilo) and read the full interview on KEYI Magazine, here.

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