Catnapp drops track with long-time friend Bungalovv who releases his second album

Amparo Battaglia and Pablo Betas, aka Catnapp and Bungalovv, have known each other since 2016 when the latter came to Berlin for the first time and rented a room in Catnapp’s apartment. Both from Buenos Aires and music producers, their house-share has led to several collaborations that have already seen the light of day.

In 2018, it was on the dark and eerie lullaby ‘Mantis‘, from the Fear EP, that their shared artistic vision first truly made itself known. Later, in 2021, Bungalovv put some blade moves and flaunted his collection of industrial tools in his remix of the track ‘Slow – 2k20 Version‘, Damage (Remixes). Now it’s Catnapp’s turn to put her name to Behind the Storm, track four of her fellow Argentinian innovator’s new album.

Bungalovv’s 7-track project Visited by Strangers, released this Friday on Shanghai’s Genome 6.66 Mbp label, presents a surprising new evolution of his sound. Where his debut Donde Hubo Fuego was resolutely more mechanical and combative,  Visited by Strangers instead explores a much more  introspective headspace, with a delicate, intimate and airy sound, as if to bridge the distance between Bungalovv and his four collaborators on the album when it was composed remotely during the pandemic in 2021.

For Behind the Storm, Catnapp set the autotune of her voice to “extremely pure”, alone in the studio in March 2021,to match Bungalovv’s dreamy palette of strings and synths. Far from the hardcore and deconstructed club bangers that comprise the duo’s previous collaborations , the track is sensitive, secret and confident in its strength. It parachutes on a peaceful cloud, a perfect vantage point from which you can watch each note flow one after the other tenderly.

Listen to ‘Behind the Storm’ and order Visited by Strangers by Bungalovv here.