Bonaparte watches Catnapp´s “Damage Experience”

Tobias Jundt alias Bonaparte watches Catnapp´s experimental VR Performance. The piece is a commissioned work for Pop-Kultur 2020.

You can watch the full performance at Berlin´s Pop-Kultur here.

CREDITS: Artist: Catnapp DJ: Mayte Stevani Host Actor: John Konkol Light Designer: Xaver Hirsch Computer Generated Imagery & Visual Effects Editor: Guisy Amoroso, Aaron Jablonski Sound Supervisor: Steffen Sennert Manager: Marit Posch Stylist & Outfit Designer: Mayte Stevani Assistant: Paloma García Visual Effects & Post-Production Editor: Pablo Betas Choreographer: Franka Marlene Foth Monster 3D Designer: Kaan Ulgener Rig & Character Animator: Anastasiia Golumbovska Damage Typeface Designer: Gino Tremila Director: Catnapp Scriptwriter: Catnapp Song: Catnapp – Vamp Song: Catnapp – No Cover Song: Catnapp x IXXF – Hate Hate Song: Catnapp – Destroy What I Am Song: Catnapp – Damage All Songs published by Monkeytown Publishing Film Location: RambaZamba TheaterCommissioned Work