“BANGUK” by KABEAUSHÉ is out with its visualizer!

Kenyan rising popstar KABEAUSHÉ barge in with “BANGUK“, the 3rd single from their forthcoming album.   

The new single is another undeniable demonstration of their incredible versatility. Onomatopoeia transformed into instruments, spellbinding synth waves, keyboards with trap accents, claps, phlegmatic rhymes… these sounds race from the speakers, chasing after one another before eventually coalescing into a shimmering prism that reflects the multifaceted nature of KABEAUSHÉ’s creativity. Like a druid, who mix all their best potions, KABEAUSHÉ combines seemingly disparate elements with alchemical genius, always with an absence of calculation and palpable playfulness that gives the track total freedom of form.
“This ain’t no magic” chants the magician, who would believe it?

Stream “BANGUK” and watch its official visualizer, a perfect introduction to KABEAUSHÉ’s shapeshifting pop sophistication ahead of the release in three weeks of their new album “HOLD ON TO DEER LIFE, THERE’S A BLCAK BOY BEHIND YOU!”.