The Aim Of Design Is To Define Space

The Aim of Design is to Define Space was the best band, which was more Berlin than Berlin was the Aim of Design is to Define Space. Unfortunately. Always lyrical. Always excessive. Always sexy. Always a bit melancholic. And most importantly, always real.
Two albums, one EP that are now history and made history. And then, stop. They said their goodbyes to a packed Volksbühne Berlin and left… into nothingness.

Now, they are back and are making music again. New music. Music that fulfills all your expectations but is somehow still different than you might expected. There’s more techno, but the good kind. There’s less nostalgia, more appeals to the here and now. Captain Berlin was born here, where only a moment ago Kippenberger still was. And he speeds through Berlin with us. Shows us everything that was sold and where the fuckin’ E-Werk used to be. He takes us along, into the dichotomy of Generation “We were Berlin”.


The Aim of Design is to Define Space – Clean Bible Dirty Christ EP
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