Are you serious?

The one mysterious producer who never really leaves the house for anything because he prefers to write anthems in his studio (Siriusmo) and the two restless dudes, who rocked every festival on the surface of this planet and now seem to get stuck to that lifestyle (Modeselektor) (…) so these opposite poles of the same spectrum, the three notorious ambassadors of „having a good time with electronic music“ get their shit together for an unforgettable evening, playing all their own hits, back to back, front to front, front to back, for you, for me, for everyone. Enlightened, literally, by the Pfadfinderei posse, this will be an outstanding opportunity and a once in a lifetime chance to see these three amigos on stage.

Expect a full dose of euro crunk, acid rap, big bass techno, labstyle, happy metal and psychedelic electro. The best reunion of a band that never existed. That’s the future. You’re welcome!