Primarily, Siriusmo aka Moritz Friedrich is a real survivalist, played in a band for many years and is a fan of old keyboards. As a professional artist (painting, illustration, graffiti) Siriusmo lives off temporary jobs and even does construction work now and then. Just on extremely rare occastions can Moritz be seen on stage (children’s birthday parties or other family get-togethers) – and even then his mood is rather shitty due to his bad taking of criticism. Moritz Friedrich already had quite a lot releases on respective labels. His one and only comment on those releases: “On each record there is one song that I still like, the rest – unfortunately – is shit.”

Siriusmo may be the laziest genius around, though he’s been all but unproductive since Enthusiast: In 2015 he joined forces with Modeselektor and toured Europe under the banner of Siriusmodeselektor, playing festivals from Glastonbury to Sónar. The same year he produced the debut album of Romano, Köpenick’s one-of-a-kind rap phenomenon and close friend of Moritz. He remixed Moderat, collaborated with synth pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre and contributed to Mr. Oizo’s latest album, who’s also appearing on Comic. Siriusmo may not be a man of many words, but possesses a bold and singular musical vision. Here’s his very honest pledge: “Moritz likes music, that’s for sure.” Nuff said.

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