Arte Passengers – Moderat at Le Grand Palais

At the beginning of November 2022, in the midst of their autumn tour across Europe and after a date at the Zenith in Paris, Moderat stayed, incognito, one more night in the capital where no one could find them: at Le Grand Palais.
And for good reason, this listed French historic monument, notable because of its fabulous 13,500m2 glass roof overhanging the 8th arrondissement of Paris, has been closed since March 2021 due to renovations for the 2024 Olympic Games.
But ARTE Concert has a key ring to match its ideas: to present a live show by Moderat in the Nef of Le Grand Palais, amidst bulldozers, dust and scaffoldings. Bingo!

A moment out of reality with Moderat’s classics in a lunar, almost apocalyptic setting, with only the immensity of a place that is over a century old as a viewer. Dive into the most beautiful paradox captured by drone. Watch now!

Setlist :
More Love
Animal Trails
Fast Land
Easy Prey
Les Grandes Marches
Nr. 22
Bad Kingdom

To give an additional idea describing this timeless moment, let’s quote the band: “It was very sandy but even nicer than the beach“.

© Picture – Maxime Chermat pour la Rmn Grand Palais, 2022