Amor Satyr shares his debut EP ’Transfer’ via SSPB!

Two potent, jiggling singles later, French producer Amor Satyr finally releases his debut project today on our dance music alter-ego – an EP that intensifies the currents of the Amazon with stirrings of pummeling bass straight from Paris.

Transfer‘ is a condensed version of the influences that have passed through Amor Satyr’s ears (and hands) so far. Memories of Brazil find their outlet in a blend of vocal clips from baile funk with the other sounds that surround Satyr – strafing jungle, dancehall…such an eclectic array of influences that all traces of traditional “genres” seem to evaporate entirely, leaving space for pure body music. And while the record’s breakneck tempos and blazing synths are fully rooted in freewheeling rave traditions, its thundering low-end is muscular enough to push even the biggest favela soundsystems into the red.

The EP’s speedy title track rolls out crunchy melodies atop a broken rhythm and thick sheets of bass, but it’s ‘Quer Dançar?‘ that perhaps best embodies the music’s dual spirit, its swirly psychedelics unfolding atop booming, electro-indebted breakbeats and a potent array of face-smacking percussion. That array also includes a variety of finely sliced Brazilian vocal chops, which Amor Satyr expertly employs to punctuate the song’s already dizzying drum attack. It’s a technique he returns to on ‘Rebola’, injecting a bit more life into the track’s rumbling gallop, before wrapping up the EP on a brighter, bouncier note with the effervescent ‘Bebe’.

Amor Satyr
digital & 12’’ limited black vinyl

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