Amor Satyr drops “Quer Dançar?” – 1st single of his EP on SSPB

Proud to announce that Amor Satyr’s project Transfer will be released on May 19th on Seilscheibenpfeiler! The first single “Quer Dançar?” is now out on all platforms.

Transfer, the upcoming EP from the French producer (guest at this year’s CTM Festival) not only pulls heavily from trance, but does so while also repurposing vocal clips lifted from Brazilian baile funk – a combination straight-up deadly in the hands of this skilled parisian. Frequent trips to Rio during his youth have left strong influences in his music – juggling and mixing all the inspirations that have been and still are in his path. This is body music, and while the record’s breakneck tempos and blazing synths are fully rooted in freewheeling rave traditions, its thundering low-end is muscular enough to push even the biggest favela soundsystems into the red.

Listen to  “Quer Dançar?” the track perhaps best embodies the music’s dual spirit, its swirly psychedelics unfolding atop booming, electro-indebted breakbeats and a potent array of face-smacking percussion.

Amor Satyr
Transfer – Preorder and listen here
Out 19.05.2023 digital & 12’’


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