DJ ADHD and Chloe Robinson Collaborate on new EP and Nikki Nair joins them because…why not?

Five months after Steamin, the first collaborative project from daring London producers Chloé Robinson and DJ ADHD, the shindig continues and turns into a stringent invitation: Get In The Bin, released on 24.02.

This  two-track EP released on HE.SHE.THEY (which is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year) continues the overall idea of Alex and Chloe’s first project; namely thumping, BPMs that don’t slow down until someone decides to turn the music off, perfectly staggered and repeated vocal samples that make the eyes blink to the rhythm of the bass, and hypnotic patterns of synthetic elements that never stop distorting. Needless to say, there was no need to change the recipe, yet the two friends decided to call on a third cook to add his exquisite spice: Nikki Nair on the eponymous track.

The trio  thrust the listener into a dark and strange bouncy-burlesque universe – in the same style that Nikki Nair and DJ ADHD got us used to on their joint SSPB EP, Golden Monkey. Throughout Get In The Bin – and notably in the track Nothingness – mischievous laughter, sensual voices and bubbles of intimidating-then-euphorically-catchy melodies color the continuous strong pulse.

On Saturday night, February 25, ADHD and Robinson took advantage of HE.SHE.THEY’s anniversary celebrations in partnership with Noise Pop at Public Works in San Francisco to present Get In The Bin in a sagacious B2B. With sets from Sara Landry, UNIIQU3 and feats of several performers, Nikki Nair was the cherry on top of the birthday cake and joined his two colleagues to turn the whole thing into an overheated b3b.

Get In The Bin is available here.
DJ ADHD & Nikki Nair – Golden Monkey EP 12″ here.
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