Aasthma and Casey MQ join forces on new late-night ballad “3AM”

Bright shining artist/songwriter Casey MQ and Aasthma take you on a journey thru a blistering hedonistic night out.

 – “We party until 3 in the morning, I get a rush from you when we’re alone.”

3am is a three-part experimental pop oddity. Strummed guitars, 808s and glistening synths accompanied by Casey MQ’s hyper-accelerated love cry that makes the titular time of night feel like an eternity and the promise of a starlit afterparty come true.

Casey MQ is the co-founder of the queer online dance party Club Quarantine that has hosted performances by the likes of Charli XCX, Rebecca Black and Lady Gaga. He has also lent his unique songwriting talents to icons such as Flume and Oklou. 

« With a starting point in Casey’s original demo, we spent a long time constructing and de-constructing the beautiful piece of music that Casey sent us. We ended up with three equally exciting versions of the track. Eventually we poured everything into a blender, took what was left and dropped the tempo half way thru. Casey reacted to this by blessing us with a magic second part, interlacing beautiful keyboards and vocal harmonies with Peder’s evocative guitar picking. » Aasthma say about the creation of the song.
Check out the track here.

© Pictures – Kirk Lisaj
Creative dir. Erin Reznick