‘A Thought of Ecstasy’ soundtrack curated by Gajek & Szary

For RP Kahl’s movie ‘A THOUGHT OF ECSTASY‘ – shot in the U.S. with, among others, Debora Kara Unger („Crash“, „The Game“) – Gajek and Szary (one part of Modeselektor) compiled and partly edited its soundtrack, a complex and fascinating musical journey into Science Fiction.

As Monkeytown Records’ artists Gajek, Modeselektor, Moderat and Anstam delivered most of the music, we are happy to release their contribution to the film music as a digital soundtrack album, featuring outtakes of Moderat, a newly produced track by Modeselektor as well as Gajek’s interpretation of Gustav Mahler’s “Symphony No. 1” as the musical leitmotiv of the film.

About the collaboration, the director RP Kahl says:

“When it comes to bringing electronic music to life and creating a unique experience for people, Monkeytown Records surely is one of the most influential record labels worldwide. Working with Gajek and Szary has been one of my most exciting experiences compiling a soundtrack and the way we have been collaborating is fairly extraordinary in the movie business. My images of the Californian desert perfectly unit with the chosen tracks. Berlin meets America – in it’s best and most exciting way!”

The soundtrack is now available as a digital album on all download and streaming services – listen or download here!