6 with a sense for Damage!

For many artists, following up an EP with a pack of remixes is essentially a glorified marketing exercise, but for Catnapp, it’s something much deeper — not only does it give the Berlin-based Argentinian a chance to work with other producers she admires, but it’s also an opportunity to hear her own creations processed through the minds of musicians with new and (sometimes radically) different approaches.

Featuring 6 incredible remixes, this EP will surely make an impression on you. We definitely recommend to attack this with an 🤯 open mind 😉

Additionally, parts of this EPs income will be donated to ‘Vidanimal’, an organisation dedicated to support, assist and create awareness about animal welfare located in La Pampa, Argentina, where suffering and multiplying stray animals are a huge problem.

Take a seat, lean back, breathe and listen to Catnapp´s Damage Remix EP HERE